The Captains Who Make It Happen

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Debbie Evans, Owner & Executive Chef

Where you're from: Liverpool, England
Favorite cuisine/dish: Coconut chicken curry with naan bread, mango chutney, banana and yogurt
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Chip buttie with Kerrygold butter
Favorite place you've been: Palma Mallorca at age 16, best time of my life
Favorite beer or style of beer: Duchesse de Bourgogne
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite sports team: Liverpool Football Club
Favorite Pandora station: Motown
Why you're at Peckish?: Because it's who I am; an entertainer who loves food, drink, people and life!

India Mussell-McKay, General Manager & Events

Where you’re from: Liverpool, England!
Favorite cuisine/dish: Roast chicken, roast potatoes & veg. 
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Guilty pleasures snacks — Kettle Chips & Ciao Bello Key Lime Squares
Favorite place you’ve been: Barcelona, Spain. The food, the culture, the people. It’s all amazing. 
Favorite beer/style of beer: Depends on my mood, but a couple favorites are 5 Lizard by 5 Rabbit, Revolution “A Little Crazy” or a spiked Stiegl Radler.
Favorite season: Definitely Spring. Spring is hopeful, and full of life, not too hot yet. 
Favorite sports team: LIVERPOOL FC! 
Favorite Pandora station: Beyonce or Sam Smith. Beyonce for a party or the gym, Sam Smith for all the rest. 
Why you’re at Peckish?: Working with my family everyday, and truly working on a project I really care about. We haven’t killed each other…yet :)

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Tom Fogarty, Brewmaster

Where you're from: Originally from Pontiac, IL. Now from Rogers Park, 18 years.
Favorite cuisine/dish: Grilled, bone in, Rib eye steak
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Pizza and beer
Favorite place you've been: Ireland, Napa valley
Favorite beer or style of beer: Wheat beer and Belgian Ales
Favorite season: Baseball
Favorite sports team: Die Hard Cub fan since March 12, 1961
Favorite Pandora station: Do they have sports on Pandora?
Why you're at Peckish?: Brewmaster. Career change to have the chance to be a partner in something very exciting and extremely rewarding. Have learned so much this year and look forward to creating great craft beer for all.

Our Shining Stars


Sous Chef: Rodolfo Chavez
Executive Chef: Debbie Evans