The Captains Who Make It Happen

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Debbie Evans, Owner & Executive Chef

Where you're from: Liverpool, England 🇬🇧
Favorite cuisine or dish: Coconut chicken curry with naan bread, mango chutney, banana and yogurt
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Chip buttie with Kerrygold butter
Favorite place you've been: Palma Mallorca at age 16, best time of my life
Favorite beer or style of beer: Duchesse de Bourgogne
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite sports team: Liverpool Football Club
Favorite Pandora station: Motown
Why you're at Peckish?: Because it's who I am; an entertainer who loves food, drink, people and life!

India Mussell-McKay, Events & General Manager

Where you’re from: Liverpool, England! 🇬🇧
Favorite cuisine or dish: Roast chicken, roast potatoes & veg. 
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Kettle Chips or Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Favorite place you’ve been: Barcelona, Spain. The food, the culture, the people. It’s all amazing. 
Favorite beer or style of beer: Off Color Apex Predator or Amber/Red Ales
Favorite season: Fall, all the way into holiday season
Favorite sports team: LIVERPOOL FC! 
Favorite Pandora station: Jamila Woods or Chance the Rapper
Why you’re at Peckish?: Working with my family everyday, and truly working on a project I really care about. We haven’t killed each other…yet :)

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Finn Harten, Front of House Operations

Where you're from: Ireland 🇮🇪 
Favorite cuisine or dish: Roasted leg of lamb, and throw all the potatoes and vegetables you can on there
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Cheese and crackers, with a good glass of red
Favorite place you've been: Edinborough, Scotland
Favorite beer or style of beer: Guinness & IPAs
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite sports team: NY Yankees
Favorite Pandora station: Frank Sinatra
Why you're at Peckish?: I come from a large family. So I'm quite at home here. They also feed me awesome food. And the occasional beer...

Janek Evans, Bar Manager

Where you're from: Liverpool, England, but raised in E-Town 🇬🇧
Favorite cuisine or dish: Would probably have to be a great taco
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Avocado hummus from Peckish
Favorite place you've been: Anfield to watch a match
Favorite beer or style of beer: either a good Belgian or a solid Stout
Favorite season: Definitely Summer
Favorite sports team: Liverpool Football Club...YNWA
Favorite Pandora station: Frank. Sunday Brunch.
Why you're at Peckish?: I'm at Peckish because I enjoy working in a family business and I love my craft. I think that the most successful businesses are ones that are passed down through generations, and thrive on learning and experiencing every day. No better place to be. 

Jonathon Armour, Manager & Brewer

Where you're from: Michigan! 🇺🇸
Favorite cuisine or dish: Medium rare filet mignon and asparagus
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: Cheese and crackers
Favorite place you've been: Denver, CO
Favorite beer or style of beer: Off Color Troublesome
Favorite season: Fall - I like jeans and a hoodie
Favorite sports team: Tie - Detroit Tigers and Lions
Favorite Pandora station: Run the Jewels
Why you're at Peckish?: At first because I was a stay-at-home dad and needed to talk to adults. Now because I believe in the product we serve and the relationships that I have made!

Hilario Clavijo, Head Chef

Where you're from: Mexico City 🇲🇽
Favorite cuisine or dish: Italian / French / American
Favorite snack when feeling peckish: I’m not really a snacker. I prefer a meal. :-)
Favorite place you've been: North Carolina
Favorite beer or style of beer: Depends on the season: in winter, dark like Guinness; in summer, a lager
Favorite season: Spring or autumn because I don’t like extremes
Favorite sports team: Las Chivas (Guadalajara, Mexico’s soccer team) Where the tequila comes from!
Favorite Pandora station: I don’t use Pandora but my favorite music is 80s
Why you're at Peckish?: I like the vibe and the atmosphere. I also like that it’s a great neighborhood, family restaurant. I'm enjoying expanding my skillset to a different cuisine while doing what I love.